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Catherine "Kay" Munzner

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May 9, 1942

July 12, 1942

July 15, 1942

July 25, 1942

February 13, 1943

March 12, 1943

April 9, 1943

April 18, 1943

April 19, 1943

May 22, 1943

June 16, 1943

July 11, 1943

September 4, 1943

September 18, 1943

May 7, 1944

     Miss Catherine Munzer was located in Parkville, Maryland at the time of the Second World War. Catherine or "Kay," as she was addressed in her letters, received letters from both PFC Kershaw and Reall. PFC Kershaw wrote mainly from different forts in Georgia and also from Nashville, Tennessee. Kershaw often calls Catherine by the nickname of "Chief" as we recalled in the March 12, 1943 letter: "Say, guess what," I had the chance to repaint my motor-cycle the other day and I guess you know that most all army vehicles have some sort of nickname painted on, well I got permission to change the name on mine to "Chief." So now I have my motorcycle named after you. For the entire year of 1942, all the letters from Reall to Catherine were written while he was stationed in North Carolina. In 1943, he was located at Camp Pickett, VA and in 1944 he was in Europe. We do not know the exact relationship that Catherine had with both of these men.

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