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Harold Wilson
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     Harold M. Wilson served as Captain, and later Major for the U.S. Army during World War II. His wife, Page and his son Sam continuously wrote letters to him from their home in Virginia. While he was away, the family moved into a new house, which he got to see through pictures sent to him. Page and Sam would write Wilson almost everyday, though often they did not receive letters from him. Sometimes he would also have difficulty receiving their letters. This made the wait to hear from each other almost unbearable. Page said, “How very long the waiting seems. Everyday I hope so much for a letter from you but three whole weeks have passed and not one word have I heard. I pray that God will keep you safe and bring you back to me as soon as possible. I miss you so dreadfully.”

      In July of 1942, his APO stated that his letters were being sent to New York City; therefore he was stationed in Europe as Captain in the Quarter Master Corps of the U.S. Army. Sometime between July and September 30th of 1942, he was transferred to SOS Head Quarters. In June of 1943, he was still in Europe, but then as Captain of H.Q. Army Service Forces. By January of 1944, Wilson had become a Major. In March of 1945 he was at Q.M. School, Camp Lee of Virginia as Major. By August 28th of 1945, his APO stated that he was on a base in the U.S. in the 4th Provision Battalion, Army Casa, in Monterey California. In December of 1945, his APO stated that the letters were being sent to San Francisco, California, meaning that he was sent over seas to the Pacific.

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