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Charles Tuite
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Private Charles J. Tuite, born in 1913 in Cleveland,Ohio, and was employed in the Cleveland Police Force. He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on September 17, 1942. His first stationing was at Camp Le Jeune in New River, North Carolina. Tuite was moved to the Marine Barracks in Parris Island, South Carolina by December of 1943, serving as a member of Platoon 913. Until June of 1944, the end of our collection of his letters, the marine traveled between the 58th Replacement Bn. Transportation Center in San Francisco, California (where he was a member of the 4th Marine Division), Camp Le Jeune (where he was a member of the 49th Replacement Battalion), and Parris Island. Tuite wrote the majority of his letters to his mother, Florence, who lived in Cleveland, Ohio. The marine enjoyed his mother's packages and letters, saying in a December 1943 letter, "Your letter came yesterday and it was the most cheerful happening that has transpired since landing here." Tuite also wrote and received cards from friends. In his many letters, dating from June of 1943 to June 1944, he wrote of everyday activities such as packing sea bags, doing the laundry, practicing shooting, and feeding his cat, Tom. He commented on his responsibilities quite often, explaining in December 1943 letter, "I was lucky enough to escape being squad leader today. I've got things [figured] out around here. I don't want to ever go higher than Private first class. That in itself entails sufficient grief." Charles Tuite died on October 14, 1998 at the age of 81.

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