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Randolph Thomas
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January 24, 1943

March 1, 1943

March 23, 1943

April 5, 1943

April 8, 1943

April 27, 1943

June 6, 1943

June 14, 1943

Randolph Thomas was born on Oct 17, 1916. He served for the United States in the 532 Quarter Master Battalion, stationed in Los Angeles, California. Randolph would mostly write to his mother, from a period of January to June 1943. Randolph would often send money to her, to help pay the rent. However, Randolph seemed very careful about his money. ďI made it plain that the monthly checks I receive gets you through, then you donít have to give Emma anything out of them. They told me the Government will give her twelve dollars a month for the child so donít give anyone no money tell them to see me my officer told me what to do.Ē It is also thought by the above quote that Randolph has a child by a woman named Emma. Randolph once wrote about the other challenges ahead. ďWe have a lot more to do. Jet attacks, a years training, then another examination. We havenít been on the rifle range yet. Our basic training hasnít finished yet. Itís a whole lot, yet I will be here next New Yearís.Ē Randolph Thomas passed away in October 1986 in Camden, New Jersey.

Randolph Thomas

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