“Tuesday” April 3, 1945

Dayton, Ohio


Dearest Bess,

            Received your letter today dated April 1ST.  We have enjoyed it very much.  We’re feeling fine and so happy your all are the same.

            We had a very quiet Easter.  We had one of Jim’s buddies here for supper.  We went to 1ST Agnes Church and the mass was beautiful.  I received communion and felt like a million dollars afterwards.

            This evening, Mrs. Jackson (landlady) had supper with us.  I had baked beans with bacon, potato salad, pickles, olives, hot peppers, sardines with onions, milk, and grapefruit juice.

            Saturday night Jim, his buddy and I went to the Mayfair.  We ate and saw “Ecstasy” staring Hedy Lamarr.  It stunk and we don’t mean maybe.  They cut out the good parts if you know what I mean.

            Did you ever see the snapshots that were took at Maries’ wedding?  Jim and I would like to see them if you have them.

            “My Baby” is listening to the radio and wants me to join him, so see class for now.

            Give Joe a kiss for us and love to all.


El and Jim