March 31, 1945

Dear Bella,

††††††††††† Please excuse me for not answering your letter immediately, but, you know, I have been pretty busy myself lately.

††††††††††† Howís everyone. I do hope they are well. By the way, Bella, did you receive the blanket yet? You probably have by now.

††††††††††† Iíve been getting mail from Jimmy pretty often now, they come in 2ís and 3ís. He says he is well and I, of course, write to him everyday and send him packages too! You know, I miss him so much, writing to him makes me feel better.

††††††††††† Nothing much ever happens now. The only thing I do is go to a show once in a while. No excitement outside of that.†††††††††††

††††††††††† I start work Monday that will help me from being so lonely. Naturally, Iíll miss Jim just the same! How is his mother, Iíve written to her but I imagine she must be very busy now. If you see her at all, give her my love again.

††††††††††† Canít write much today but regards to all the family from us all here. Hope to hear from you soon. Youíll forgive me if I take long to write because I write so much to Jimmy. But Iím thinking of you just the same. Pete will be home April 19th. Weíll be glad to see him again!

All for now,

As Ever,