“Wednesday” Mar. 28, 1945

1:10 P.M


Dearest Bess,


            Just got back from lunch and before I start to wash a few underclothes, I decided to answer your letter of the 18th. We’re feeling fine and hope you all are the same. Jim reported to Wright Field yesterday morning. Got home around 5:30 P.M. With him he had your letter, one from my folks, one from Laura and Smitty and one from Edith and Elmer.

            Laura and Smitty are in Miami Beach and love it. Edith and Elmer are in Clover, New Mexico and hate it. Jim and I hate Dayton also.

            Jim doesn’t know what the score is as yet, but thinks this is a permanent station.

            Monday night Precious and I went to the movies. Saw, “Destiny” and it was good. Starred Gloria Jean. The price of a movie out here is 70 cents per person.

            We’re having lovely weather. How is it in Wilkes-Barre?

            Bay, Abie certainly has a large family, but on the other hand they all look well and happy. Right???

So you can drive hon. Jim was telling me one evening in San Antonio you were a good driver only didn’t have enough courage. I won’t be afraid to ride with you if you keep your promise and drive only 20 or 30 mi. and hr. (ha ha)

Please give our love and regards to all. Hope Jenna recovers soon. Kiss Joe for us.



                                                            “Elsie and Jim”