25 Mar 43

Dearest Bella ~

            Sorry I haven’t answered any sooner, but I have been just plenty busy this month, and then too, two months maid came in all in one day.  Seventy letters to answer are alot of letters.  But little by little, I am getting around to answering them.

            Then I have been going to London on my days off and that took up what time I could have been writing.  But this time I just couldn’t see myself leaving my sack.

            Received your Christmas & Valentine cards and your letters dated Oct 13 and Nov 6th.  And am very glad to hear from you.

            So the mailman is on the beam!!!  glad to hear it.  But do be careful.

            I noticed you really have my address mixed up.  But this one, on the envelope, is the correct one.

            And if you will send me Cappie’s address, I shall look him up, if he isn’t too far away.  There are several hospitals near us and it would be no trouble at all to drop by to see him on my day off.

            So Jimmy is in Iceland?  Well ~ what do you know.  I was in Iceland not so very long ago, but only for a couple of days.  And I know just how he feels about the place, just from what I saw in the short time I was there.

            But since then, I have been all over, including, Germany.  And for my home (Texas).  But I did get to see some very beautiful country – and the roughest with it.  But they can have it all.

            The Greeks in London are giving a party for all the Service Gk-Am boys from the states to-day.  But I just couldn’t make it.  A boy from Phili, wanted me to go with him.  But I’m just too tired.

            And am so glad for Marie.  Hope she does better than I did, but il just know she did.

            Guess you heard about Porgie being the father of a 7 1/2# baby give in Feb.  And mother said, she looks just like him.  Not a bad looking lad – either Porgie or Bibs.

            Daddy may be coming up your way again if his trips keep up like they have been for the last couple of months.  He has really been traveling.

            Sister’s husband is in France some place.  But I can’t find him any place.  I thought perhaps he may be in some town I know, but I guess not as they never heard of his outfit.

            Chow time again – so I shall close sending my love to all – I do write again – soon – Love Jackie