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Johnny Johnson

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August 21, 1943

August 23, 1943

August 24, 1943

August 25, 1943

August 27, 1943

August 31, 1943

January 6, 1944

March 7, 1944

The Johnny Johnson letters describe his first few days in the United States Navy. He was stationed in Bainbridge, Maryland as well as the Navy Barracks in Washington D.C. His letters are written to his wife, Anne. Johnny seemed to adapt quickly to Navy life. He told Anne that he did not know when he would be allowed to have any visitors. Apparently Johnny had wanted to serve on submarines, however, this was denied due to poor eyesight. Our letter collection is dated from August of 1943 to October of 1944. Our historical collection includes a photograph of Johnny aboard his ship.

Johnny Johnson

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