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Jackie Higgins
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Jackie was an infantryman as well a soldier in the Third Army. He was stationed in France before advancing into Germany. In his spare time he enjoys quail hunting. He also enjoys writing letters to his folks. In fact in one of the letters, he writes about the end of the war in Germany. He writes on May 7, 1945, "Today the war is finished. I can't seem to grasp it. This stillness is as bad as all the noise. It seems like a great weight on one's shoulder that can't be shook off. Yes I'm well, not a scratch through it all. Only my soul is battle scarred." In another interesting letter, he writes about freeing prisoners on war. He writes, "I had the privilege of helping liberate quite a few number of our prisoners the other day. It was wonderful. Some of them had been in prison for five years." Still through the stress of the war, he was able to keep his head as high as he possibly could; commenting on the scenery of foreign countries and keeping in mind family memories.

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