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Joseph Gorlich

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January 16, 1942

November 4, 1942

September 23, 1942

November 29, 1942

February 16, 1943

March 24, 1943

May 6, 1943

June 13, 1943

June 16, 1943

June 17, 1943

June 19, 1943

September 30, 1943

October 3, 1943

October 5, 1943

October 6, 1943

October 11, 1943

February 2, 1944

March 31, 1944

April 2, 1944

August 1, 1944

September 7, 1944

September 9, 1944

September 12, 1944

     Joseph Gorlich was born on September 14, 1917 to Herman and Agnes Gorlick of Chicago, Illinois. On February 16, 1943 Joe Gorlich was at Camp Swift, Texas as part of the Co A 788th M. P. Bn. He writes many of his letters to his mother Agnes in Chicago. After spending several months in training at Camp Swift, Texas, he was sent overseas to serve in Iran. Some of the letters in the collection were written by Joe's father, who in 1942 was in the hospital with a tumor in his throat. On August 1, 1944, Joe asked his mother to send him "a camera that will take 16 pictures on a roll of 127 film." He also mentions that he saw a movie that night and that "It's a good thing we have shows to help us forget for a while where we are."

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