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William Comstock
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Living in Trenton New Jersey for the majority of his life, William (Bill) Comstock was born on September 6, 1913. Serving in the United States Army for the 1229th SCSU at Fort Dix, Private William entered there in early December of 1943 at the age of 30. Married to Cecilia Comstock, his enlistment caused heartache for both of them. Writing to each other almost everyday from the end of 1943 to late January of 1944, William found it hard to obtain passes to go and visit Cecilia while he was away. On December 18, 1943, after being denied a weekend pass of leave, William writes to Cecilia, ?This is awful, I was all set to go home?Please don?t take it too hard, I will see you soon.? Both found it very painful to deal with each other?s absence, and the situation was made even more difficult since neither wanted William to be enlisted. Writing again on December 19, 1943, William says, ?So believe me I am good here, it isn?t that I like the army, it?s what you make of it. I did not ask to come here, they made me come.? William Comstock died at the age of 60 in November 1973, in Trenton New Jersey. Cecilia Comstock continued to live there until her death in August of 2006.

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