March 27th

My dear John Milton:

††††††††††† I was glad to hear from you this morning from you this morning for last week we didnít have but one letter and I miss terribly hearing from you, even tho I guess many times you wonder what you will write us. If you do; why just what you do during the day would be fine, and how you are.

††††††††††† I have to put two and two together some times myself to make up a letter, yet I am constrained to believe and perhaps patting myself on the back a bit, when I say, anything that looks like it might be a letter is better than no mail, to you service-men; well, the same goes for me.

††††††††††† Bud did get your letter, I asked him, and says when he gets more time than he has right now, and isnít so tired when he gets home, he will write you.

††††††††††† I mailed you a letter from Lt. Smarzo last week and put 5th Co. instead of 15th. Hope it reaches you, but if not, pretty soon, if there is a way of looking it up, you know about it and can proceed accordingly. Iím sorry I made this mistake.

††††††††††† John Milton have you ever finished paying for your automobile? And if you do get a leave will you use it to come home in or would you have enough time for that? April is creeping up on us and I certainly hope you are going to get back here during that change you are expecting.

††††††††††† From these camps around here, we hear lots as to the much shipping out of the men for overseas duty. Have you ever heard from your friend Lt. Reese since he left, or where he is?

††††††††††† Since writing the above, weíve had our supper and Ben is on his way out in the yard to put a bird box in the apple tree, this has been a real April day. Thunderstorm, rain and wind.

††††††††††† Thanks Dearie for your nice words about me, and I am always puffed up when you ask me to help you out in anything, and glad if I can. And sure Ben will let you know as soon as he hears anything as to the boat, and now good night with love from both of us to you. Be good and watch your step and good luck.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Mother.

[The following was written on the back of the same page.]

Tuesday, 12 noon

I brought this letter to the office with me in order to add a line or two. The morningís gone and I havenít had the chance to say a word. I am still waiting for Floyd Bradley to call me about the boat.

I donít believe your mother had told you, but we have tried a couple of times to contact Stuart Cole about the money he owes you. Weíll try again.

The apricots and peaches are blooming and I hope to get down to the cottage to do some spraying next Saturday.

We are hoping you will be successful in getting your leave.

This isnít much of a note, son, but Iíll write a more newsy letter later.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Dad