4025 Monticello Street

Richmond Virginia

December 6 1942

Dear John Milton;

            This is a bright sunny Sunday afternoon, and after a rather cold spell, is warming up some, which makes it more pleasant and comfortable to be out in the wide open spaces; however, this is something I seldom have the privilege of enjoying.  Instead of going out, I am going to spend a few minutes trying to let you and a few more of the fine young men who have gone out from Leigh Street know that I am thinking about them, and wishing them all the blessings that can come to one in a war like this.  Do hope your health has been good, and that you are enjoying life in spite of the fact you are engaged in something that long ago should have become such a scourge upon the human race, that they would have outlawed it long ago.  My hope is, that the war-mongers of the world will all be destroyed in this war, and that there will be none who will ever rise up again to bring war against any nation.  Of course, you and I will know that God alone has the remedy for the war torn – sin* cursed world, but the world must seek this remedy, and take it, and apply it faithfully from one generation to another down through the ages to come, if the world is ever to be free from wars, and experience that blessed “peace on earth and good-will toward men.”  I know that you find fellows who are to do the fighting in the air, on the land, and upon the sea, are going to give a good account of yourselves and every capacity you are called upon to serve in and I am hoping that we folk back home will do as good a job in supplying all that they will need to make the victory sure, and thoroughly complete.  I don’t think we have measured up to the standard our armed forces have set the standard for us yet, that I believe we are beginning to see the seriousness of the task that is ours and will in the future enter more wholeheartedly and determinately upon the job that is ours, and see to it that the war is not lost on the home front.  

            I saw your girl friend this morning. Gosh! But she’s a honey; honey in more ways than one.  Hank on to her pal, I don’t think you could have a lovelier girl friend nor one to hold in view for future considerations who could be more desirable and worthy.  I know you will keep yourself untarnished by any and all contaminating influences and indulgences that you may be worthy so fine of a girl.  You see, I am supposing that you two are interested in each other although I may not be justified in doing so, but I do think two make a splendid couple. 

            Of course, I need not tell you anything about our recent Harvest Home Day at Leigh Street, for you have heard about that from mother and dad, but from a financial point of view, we were quite successful, and we all had just cause for being highly pleased, Sorry you could not be with us on the occasion.

I wish I might this plant this thought in your heart and mind now, that you might ponder over it while you are away trying to help win this war, so that when you return you may have your mind made up about what you are going to do about it.  I would like for you to anticipate that fact that when you back home again to stay, you will find your Bible School in need of teachers, officers, and leaders, as you will also find to be the case in the church, for it too will need deacons; not just men, but deacons who will be filled with spiritual zeal and who can and will assume the office of leadership in our church, that it may be filled with spiritual zeal and who can and will assume the offices of leadership in our church that it may be rejuvenated with fresh aggressive spirit and leadership to keep it alive and effective in the Master’s kingdom, and it will be looking to you for just such service as that, and I wish you would keep this in mind, and direct your thoughts and your plans for the future along this line, and that you may be ready to answer the call to service when it comes to you.  You will do this won’t you?

Now, I believe I have said about all there is to be said at this time, so: be assured will you not, that all your friends here are wishing for you good health and every other blessing that will make you happy and contented through all experiences that you may be called upon to endure as a good soldier, not only of your country, but of your Savior and your Lord.

Most sincerely yours,

Robert Lee Turner