Friday afternoon November 27th, 1942

Dear John Milton:

            What does S.M.R.L.H. mean? I asked before but you never have told me, and I want to know what this is you put on the flap of your envelope, at times.  Question one.

            Two, (and when you ans. this letter stick it up in front of you and answer my questions for I want to know everything that needs and ans.) what’s the matter, do the refuse to O.K. checks for you as a private?  Understand, we are glad you wrote for the money when you need some, wouldn’t have you do otherwise, but before you could write checks and they were cashed from you, so naturally now, we wonder why the difference.

            When we were at the Air Base here, which Ben wrote about, some of the girls went into the Post Ex. While we had gone into one of the recreation rooms (and I didn’t know it for I would like to have gone in there too) but what I want to say is this, when the girls had come out, they were talking about what “cute” trinkets and gifts of all sorts there were for the soldiers to buy for girl friends and so and so, which reminds me of what I wrote you pertaining to what gifts you might want to give for Christmas.

Since your recommendation is based on your grade, as to when you go, and then your next letter a few days later says, “you’re going Dec. 6th” indicates more than ever that headquarters were impressed with your record or rating you made, and since you are so anxious to get out of where you are now, I hope you will like it fine where you are headed for.

            I’ll still say, “Your training at home has helped you in the army” for if you hadn’t had K.P. work here, you wouldn’t have known so well how to have fallen into line there.  Three cheers for the onions, and they wanted to make it hot for you on your first try out it seemed.  All this kind of work makes a man out of you. You believe me? Sure?

            Put with those you might send cards to, Mr. Mrs. Wm. Russell, Mr. Maddry. (Evelyn H.) and along I’ll add others.

            A Tank will be a good buy, for by the time you get out of “there”; we’ll need it to get through that lane down in the country.  We were down yesterday (Thurs) and every time we go there it seems a bit rougher and wetter.  On our way back, we were going that curve at Saluda by the gasoline station, I happened to see Alvin Miller with two traveling bag beside him.  You daddy stopped and called him thinking he was going to Richmond, but he was waiting for a bus to Washington, where he had been working for awhile (I don’t remember how long he said) but now has been inducted into the army and will be going somewhere soon and doesn’t know in what branch.  Carlton is in England, and says his other gets a letter from him every day, how’s that for writing and more than that, for transportation?

            Alright about the sheets, here’s hoping the nighties will keep you warm.  Santa will bring you some more if you find you like them.

O yes, I understand about the mail call now. Thanks.

The Hobgoods’ were quite thrilled about the call from Marion.  Eunice, in talking with me said, “If she lives to be a hundred she’ll never forget the expression on her mother’s face when someone said ‘it’s Marion’” Thanks sonny, you did well, tho some may never know who was responsible for that call.

            McGuire’s School building up the street is being used for a squadron or something, of soldiers, I don’t know what they might be called, but they are a group that guards Lee Bridge, and thru the summer lived in tents across the bridge, but I guess for cold weather they have been placed in this building.  They drill in the part and the trucks in the yards.

Question three, are you sure you didn’t get this paper you wrote on last Tuesday, from that little blond you’ve been getting your information from, for it surely looks like girls paper to me.  Maybe this is what you wanted the money for, I mean to buy paper.

            Certainly do wish I had thought to get you change the ribbon on this type-writer while you were home.  It needs turning around, one side has never been used and the other is, as you can see, getting very pale.  I’ll ask Ben, nut I think I asked him once before and he doesn’t know any more than I do how to go about it.

            Yes, every time we have anything of interest from you, right away I called Ben then Bud as soon as I read your letters, and this morning when I read where you wrote of the notice having been put on the bulletin (not bullentin) board giving the ex-cadets an opportunity to apply for re-admittance to the cadet corps, Bud said, “I told Mae just the other day, I bet “they” give those cadets like John Milton another chance in the Air Corps”, when I asked him why? He said, “They need the men.”  We are glad you are going to stick with what you now have planned, so is Bud.

            We are glad you are satisfied with the things I selected for you and don’t put those socks near the heat when you wash them.  They will draw up quite a heap.  The next sweater will have sleeves if you say so.

                                    So long now, I have to get supper,

Love and borrow some more paper

and write us.  Mother.


We have just finished supper and also just finished reading this letter together.  After you answer your Ma’s questions don’t forget to answer mine.  If you are too non-committal we have to guess too much.