Wed. after-noon

Dear John;

††††††††††† This isnít going to be a long letter as I have been writing, for it is nearly time for me to get supper, besides, I want to have this finished so Ben can take it with him and mail as he goes to the Institute.

††††††††††† I want to let you know that your letters have come, (and were we waiting for them) and we are so happy and proud of you that we will say with all the joyful these days, ďPraise the Lord and Pass the AmmunitionĒ.This song title fills the bill now days for those who are joyful and thankful, yet without a lot of words, hardly know how to express themselves.

††††††††††† Your uncle Bud seemed so delighted when I called him after reading your letters. I didnít only read him the order, but part of your letter and he said he was going call Mae right away, so you see John Milton we all are just holding our breath and waiting from time to time as to what you are doing.

††††††††††† We are so glad for you and happy that you are all in for what is ahead.Best Wishes and oceans of luck and our love for a huge success.

††††††††††† The order will be put with all your other papers. Thanks for sending it that we might see it.





You know, from the way we worked out your affairs here, how glad we are, now, for you.Iíll repeat what your mother said.We are proud of you!