November 8th, 1942

Dear Blitz:

††††††††††† Well here we are again! After that masterpiece of yours we decided to send you one too. Iíll have to give it to you that you are improving in your letter writing. Donít worry about your throat Johnny, after all I eked your writing Jean and I assure you that it is all right.

††††††††††† Ed was writing this but he gave out after one paragraph so Iím taking over. This letter wonít be as cheerful as the other one because weíre feeling kind of low. Ed has to report for induction on the 28th, and neither of us is very happy over it. I hope the army will agree with me that he isnít physically able to be a soldier because I donít think he is. I guess it is selfish and I ought to be more patriotic but I donít want him to go. Booker had his physical yesterday and now he is a lucky 4-F. They turned him down because of his knee.

††††††††††† We bowled against your church Friday night and beat Ďme good. Theyíre first place in the league and we are about fifth. We beat them two out of three games anyway. Theyíre a good bunch of bowlers, but as far as looks go, it was some crew.

††††††††††† As for that application in O.C.S. we both hope you make it. The life of a private in the army isnít worth a plugged nickel. (Itís Ed writing again.) When I get in the army I will be lucky if I ever get to be a first-class Pvt. It just wouldnít be my luck to get anything whether or not I tried for it, I will probably go in B.P. (buck private) and come out B.P., if and when!

††††††††††† That letter of yours amazes me. Such wonderful typewriting. Donít worryóyou know practice makes perfect, they say. Our letters arenít witty. They are just crazy like Jean. Thereís no sense to them just like Jean. We had forgotten about such a thing as moral when we wrote you that joke. We will think (?) twice next time.

††††††††††† I told you that Mo was serving a sentenceówell he is doing it at Camp Maxey down in Texasódown where the pretty women come from.

††††††††††† As for Jean tearing herself to part at work, well really she never has. She loafs from one end of the day to next and occasionally she sticks someone. Itís a lie about her working. She was trying to get hold of this thing just now to say itís a lie, but I have my doubts. I think he is mean, donít you? Agree with him. [It is noted that the couple was fighting over the typewriter here]

††††††††††† As for football this weekend, it wasnít so good again. U. of R. lost to V.P.I. 16-7. Donít it awful? Next week is the big week end, that is, the week that J.M. will beat T.J. Jean says you wonít like that and neither does her. But I believe itís the truth. Yesterday T.J. lost to a team 25-0 that J.M. beat 12-0. Of course that doesnít always mean much in this game, but I do believe that J.M. should win. I believe she is right much stronger than T.J. since T.J. hasnít won but one game this year and J.M. hasnít lost any but tied once. Unless something unusual happens J.M. should win by a couple of touchdowns. Oh well, May the best J.M. team win.

††††††††††† Well I donít believe there is anything else to say right now so I guess we will sign off and play some checkers. Jean says I shouldnít say that because it isnít nice.


Love and kisses,

Jean and Ed


P.S. How do you like this snazzy paper! Ed said he asked you that last timeóI didnít even remember using this before.