Wednesday after-noon


Dear John Milton:


††††††††††† Dinner is over and Ben has gone back to the office. You know how all that routine is? Well, now while Ada irons and it rains out side I will write you an answer to the letter we got from you this morning.


††††††††††† I have gone thru your papers you left her and cigar bog looking for the paper you mentioned. I have found something, but am afraid it isnít what you refer to. This is the paper which deals with your leave for that extra 36 hrs. you spoke of getting along with your furlough, but doesnít seem to be what you said was here. Has no reference to your being s Pvt. except where it says, Grade, and over it is type written, Pvt. I have looked very carefully but do not see it. Perhaps you did not bring it with you. Any way, we do not feel this is at all necessary after what we or Ben has written, Mr, s.


††††††††††† We do wish something would happen. But it could be much worse, so donít lets be too in-patient.


††††††††††† I cant imagine either what became of the box of cookies that Latham said Adelaide had sent. Perhaps she didnít send them or perhaps she sent them and some one else enjoyed them knowing you were away. Some time when I see them I will ask about them. Just as likely as not they were never sent, tho Latham asked me your address and said the box was ready to go off.


††††††††††† After I got on the phone and asked the many questions I did, (you remember?) we then has every thing perfectly clear. Ben had thought he would not ask so plainly, but when things didnít seem just right to me, is when I took over. Ben will enclose the letter he wrote Mr. S and you neednít return it, but destry it. I will make another copy for Ben as I wrote the letter.


Donít be discusted John Milton with the let down, we are still hoping either that something from this end, or your self can do something from this end, or your self can do something. Work for your self sonny, and if any thing comes of that, you will feel heaps more proud than what some one else did for you, yet there are times when your hands might be tied, then some one else might do for you in that case, itís most acceptable. Even while you are waiting or something here, see what you can do for your self, donít leave a thing un-turned to get a word in.


What is Marion Hobgood doing? Glad you found him. hope you can at times enjoy each others company.


In these rides you wrote of catching, do you get sick on them, for instance as you did when you were training as navigator?


I canít imagine what makes your face look as though itís been sun-burned, (in the pictures) We had three extra sets made, and all the others looked the same, Aside from that, they were grand of you and Papa, but awful of me and Ben, and Ben usually takes a good picture. But he slipped up this time.


I have tried several places to get a Dictionary for you as I had said I was, but for the life of me, do you know I cant get a thing betwee a pocket size and one much larger than the one of yours on this type writer. So I can send you this one and get us another one. We do not mind a little larger one. Shall I do it? Will be glad to if you want it, and I do think you need it some times.


I have nothing else now, but I could sleep a bit I think, so good bye now and best wishes,

††††††††††† Love,

††††††††††† †††† Mother.


Let me know if you are getting the News paper, and then this, I got this barracks bag that was in your dresser draw out to sen you, and Ben said, you had said when here that you did not want it.

††††††††††† If you do not any time wish to have it let me know.





Hi, son this is written with the new lighter-pencil Mr. Lewis gave me. Sorry I canít add a note but I must get to the institute.

††††††††††† Good luck old man

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Dad