Saturday 10th, 8:30 P.M. October 10th, 1942

Hello John Milton:

            Your daddy and I have just finished our S:S. lessons and before we do our usual washing for this day, I want to let you know that no so long ago we came back from the cottage.

            First time in all the years we have had the place that we have been there without some one person or persons.  You, if no other, but this time just us, and Mary part of the time.

            The roof is on, Mr. Fleet and men worked Thurs. Fri. and Sat. (to-day) and it looks very nice and is supposed to have no leaks.

            We enjoyed our stay there but right now we are both tired and will soon be in bed.  I only wanted to send this that you might hear from us about the first of the week and also to send the pictures we took.  All of you are good except the one of you and me at the fish pool, and that one, you have no eyes (the shadow of your cap in the bright sun) but all the others of you are fine.  Me, well I look just as I said I would, like the dickens, and one of your pappy is not much better, but I am sending all for you to laugh over.  If you want to, keep them, I will have some more made for our-selves.  The one Ben took of Ada is perfect.  I never have seen any clearer or clear cut picture.  I am sure she will be delighted with herself.

            I am too sleepy to write any more.  Good luck, oceans of love and we miss you lots.


                                                Mother and Dad.