September 6, 1942

My Darling,

Iím really sorry you didnít make it, but maybe itís best this way. I hope you will have a chance to go to pilot school if that is what you want. Itís too bad that they didnít let you in the beginning but what you have learned already will probably be a great help to you.

Booker showed me a picture of you the other day, honey. It was a swell picture he let me keep it for a while have too. If you have anymore I insist you would send me one.

I didnít know where my address will be when you write again. My falties are moving to Newport News and Iíll have to board an quit my job. Buy Iíve already made up my mind about that. Iím almost sure that I can stay with Uncle George. He lives at 3004 Edgrward Avenue. If you can answer right back, please do but If you canít Iíll let you know where Iím staying. We will probably be here until the 15th any way.

Well tomorrow is a holiday and that just suits me fine. Mr. and Mrs. Bradley went to the country over the week end so Jean and Ann have invited Charlotte and I up to dinner tomorrow. Jean is doing the cooking so if you donít hear from me anymore, youíll know what happened. She asked me this morning how to stew tomatoes and of course I didnít know.

Youíve heard me speak of Mary Beth. Well she has a little baby now. It is in a incubator at the Johnston Willis Hospital. They had three of us at the hospital testing our blood for transfusion but mine was the wrong type. They drew a pint of mammaís blood though but they didnít have to use it.

She is getting along fine now and so is the baby.

Well I believe that just about covers the news.

Itís time for dinner now. Please write soon if you can and lots of love my darling.



P.S. Ryssel and Florence send their love and best wishes. Russel insists on reading my letter but Iím not going to let him.