(July 22)

Dear Johnny,

                What on earth has happened to you? I believe I’ve written to you twice already since you wrote to me. Don’t know whether you’ll get this or not, your address has probably changed before this.

            I went to Richmond last week, and also the week before. Certainly do wish you were there.

            The water down here is wonderful. I stay down at Shirley’s half the time, and we swim and fish, and gosh am I black!! Tomorrow we are going on a picnic all day, and we are going to have fried chicken, corn, tomatoes, lima beans, watermelon, cakes, and soft drinks. Don’t you wish you were here to go with us?

            I saw Alvin last Sunday. He came down to Shirley’s and we all went swimming. He is going in the coast guard before long. It seems that the Army is just about to get him. He is working at Yorktown as a carpenter now. He said he wished you would write to him. I also wish you would write to me – It’s just a suggestion.

            Hope you recovered from the mumps. I sure would like to have seen you—

            Well so long, you be good, and write real soon.


Mary Anne