July 28, 1940

Dear John,

            Honestly I have had every intention in the world of writing to you, but the heat caused me to be lazy to do anything.  I thought of you every day, and still do, still am I should say.  Please forgive me over again, cause I really have good intentions.  Please!

            These last two weeks have been filled up with work, pleasure, and sorrow.  Last week before this I had exams and studied like a nut.  Sunday we went swimming, the family I mean.  It was lots of fun, especially because I didn’t get sun-burned.  Monday, my cousin Shirley & I went visiting.  Tuesday I studied as usual, though I did see Buddy Pyne for a few minutes.  He was horribly cut up in an accident week before last.  He had 38 stitches taken in face and was out of his mind for days.  Now he is feeling better.  The doctor says his scars will disappear in about three months – we all hope so because he is upset about them.  Wednesday my third cousin, Bill Niesia, from Illinois (he is 16 yrs. Old) dropped in for a short stop.  He is hitch-hiking his way about the East.  The next nights I studied.  Saturday I went to the Elk’s fair, where I met two nice girls I know from Detroit.  So you can readily see I am not in love with anyone else.  You weren’t really worried, were you?  Today my brother and sister-in-law took me to Charlottesville.  We saw lots of beautiful homes and college buildings, but no college boys.  Now we are waiting for it to start raining.  Wish it would hurry.  Just came from around Leitsh’s, who by the way visited your Granddad – I don’t remember whether I told you that before or not.  We had quite a shocking event here on Thursday.  The daughter of my parents’ best friends killed her child and herself, cutting both bodies up horribly.  She must have lost her mind, for she was always a nice person who wouldn’t harm a soul.  Naturally it upset everyone considerably, but I reckon it was for the best, as horrible as that may sound, because she was making her life perfectly miserable worrying over her worthless husband who had treated her so awful who had to leave him.  I’d like to wring his neck personally for before she met him she was a swell gal.

            My kid brother left today for a weeks’ visit in Roanoke with my oldest brother.  It will surely be quiet here without him.  Won’t seem natural at all.  So you ate your own cooking?  Well, it was good experience to say the least.  Hope you aren’t working too hard – and have plenty of time to play for we really do have the most awful future to look to – at least everyone with any knowledge of world affairs says so.  Personally I know nothing and will say nothing, for I am just plain dumb on such matters.

            Each day at lunch I serve the faculty members.  They are more fun than enough.  ‘Tis a shame the best looking is to be married next month.  Disturbing to say the least.

            We just went risking around looking for an accident, but it didn’t occur it seems.  Now I have to settle down and do some work for I haven’t done any work this quarter.  Be good and don’t work too hard and think of me a few minutes every day.  I’ll do the same.  Give my best wisdom to all.