Hello John,

Please excuse me for not writing sooner, but we have been packing to move and I have been sick.

Anne came over [here] Monday and asked to see the letter you wrote but I wouldn’t let her see it.

Tomorrow we move at 7 o’clock. I certainly will be glad because I don’t like it [here].

I received your post card. I read it and saw the name “John.” I knew a boy that was down there but I knew he wouldn’t write such a message as that. I had to get his hand writing and it didn’t compare. When it came to me that it might be you.

Anne told me to tell you to go and lose yourself in the middle of the creek. She said it was a command.

How is your company? Think Anne has been worrying about them. She even worried when you wrote the letters to me. What’s wrong with her? She is beyond me.

I am working steady now. For the last two weeks I haven’t been working steady as the doctor wouldn’t let me.

You will have to let my handwriting go by as it isn’t good as it should. I am kind of nervous so that makes it look bad.

I will have to close now because I have to get dressed to go to work.

If you should answer this letter please write to 3011 Fendall.

Please excuse me for leaving all of this space but I am afraid I can’t do better.

                        Sincerely yours,