Feb. 17, 1938

Dear John,

            To-day I got your letter – gosh I love to get letters from you.

            We won’t write for long – I’ve got to be with you In person. Me, “Doc” JOE – THE “KING OF BLOTO BEER.”

            Fun, songs, BLOTO BEER, and “WHIPPO”, and going to you’re out of town place – WILL WE HAVE FUN? WOW!

            Do you remember when I was in RICHMOND how I didn’t have any thing to do with gals—well times change – gosh there are about 200 I know, and really KNOW [edited for content].

            I bet them Candy Camera’s are fun


Well let’s not get to much excited and thrilled about me.

            Well so short.

“DOC” Joe West

P.S. You love me too much. HO HO