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Urban Allen
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Urban Allen (L) in Europe.

January 10, 1943 

March 3, 1944

November 18, 1944 

November 26, 1944 

December 4, 1944

January 1, 1945

January 14, 1945

January 19, 1945

February 1, 1945

February 6, 1945

February 12, 1945

February 15, 1945

February 28, 1945

March 1, 1945

Urban S. Allen served for the United States Army in the 87th Engineer's Brigade. Born in 1917, Allen graduated from Senior High School in New Albany, Indiana. At the age of 24, Allen enlisted in the army on January 17th, 1941. While away, he often wrote to Catherine Trudeau: his close cousin. As a soldier, he was stationed in England and France. On February 28, 1945, Allen anticipated the eventual crossing of the Rhine, "Seems like the big drive is on, and perhaps we will reach the Rhine soon. That is one operation I'm really sweating out. My other experiences will be like a football game compared to that. We're all hoping that Germany will surrender after it's crossed." On March 24th, 1945, his company successfully built a 1,237 foot bridge in thirteen hours to cross the Rhine River in Germany. Our historical collection includes a photograph of this accomplishment.

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